Note: Each club may have its own guidelines and "etiquette." Please verify the do's and dont's at each show site.

Ring Entry: Rider may enter the arena after the last rider has saluted and left the dressage arena. They may work their horse inside the ring until the whistle blows. You then have 45 seconds to leave and enter or turn and come down center line.

During a Test: Please pay attention when a test is being ridden. DO NOT run outside the ring, warm-up or exercise your horse, or speak loudly.  Please be quiet and courteous to the exhibitor while the test is being ridden. Please clap for all exhibitors after their final salute.

Gate Keeper: HSA does not always have a gate keeper available. Please know who you ride after and before and be prepared to enter the ring when it is your turn.

Warm-up: Exhibitors may ride in the ring before the show and during breaks. Please do not canter or trot within the spectator areas or designated parking areas.

Helmets, boots, and number must be worn at all times when mounted.

Reader: The exhibitor is responsible for finding a reader for his or her tests.

Bell/Whistle during test:  Should you hear the bell or whistle during your test, please immediately approach the judge for instructions or directions. Do not speak with other riders, the reader, or spectators.

Spectators: Spectators should bring chairs.

Concessions: HSA hosts a pot luck lunch. All exhibitors and spectators are welcome to join us during the lunch break.

Dressage Etiquette